DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Mobile Development

  • Designed and developed an iPhone application that allows teachers to record attendance using their phone’s camera to scan student ID barcodes. The application can then export this data to CSV, which can be read in a program such as Microsoft excel. 


  • Currently developing an application that displays real-time MTA train location in 3D.


  • Currently working on an online studying tool for students.


Game Development


  • Designed and developed a augmented reality puzzle game for the iOS platform that engages users and challenges them to move a box through an “anti-gravity” space in an augmented view from the camera feed. 

  • Developed a multi-player first person shooter game for desktops, which allows for up to 20 players. Simple game with a single objective of defeating other players. 

  • Designed and developed a maze obstacle course game with five levels where users roll a ball through a series of challenges using the arrow keys and mouse. 

  • Designed and developed an Android game for an introductory course;similar to whack a mole, where a mole appears randomly on the screen and the user attempts to “catch” the mole by tapping it before it goes away. 

  • Designed and developed a 3D classroom for high school US History class to present facts collected about the Indian tribe. The application included 3D models, text, images, and allowed for the user to move around with the mouse and arrow keys. 

Web Development


  • Designed and developed CocoaLoa, a web application that uses Sinatra and Ruby and allows for users to write a message and choose at what time they would like to send the message; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. 

  • Attended the International Space-Apps Challenge and lead a small group of 3 beginner programmers (No prior knowledge) to create an application that sorted through images from NASA’s space missions and allowed for users to edit and share photos. Gleefully presented the app in front of an audience of about 200 people. 

  • Designs websites using HTML5/CSS. Created a site for home page(currently not used), and several sites for later use. 

  • Develops small  applications during free time. 






In Production:


- Ruby


 - Objective-C


 - C


 - JavaScript


 - HTML/CSS (Web Design)






 - Java


 - Python




Language of Humans: I an excellent speaker with great communication skills.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.