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  • Robotics (FRC) - I am the only programmer at P-TECH's robotics team. I work with the  Java programming languages to create methods of completing the challenges at the competition.


  • Male Leadership Club - A club found in P-TECH, its goal - to establish powerful leadership skills in male students. The club met every morning and learned various social skills as well as teaching students about being responsible young men.


  • Explore and Enthuse - A group of students who take the time to explore the five boroughs of New York City and learn about the different cultures and festivities







Space Apps Challenge (Hackathon)

  I participated in the Space Apps Challege, a hackathon even held at Alley NYC NY by NASA and sponsors. I led a team of introductory programmers (students) to create a web based application that allows for the sharing and editing of photos obtained directly from NASA





 Music Education Hack/NYC (Hackathon) 

  I took part in the Music Education Hackathon held by the music streaming service Spotify. This hackathon was unique in that participants designed creative ways in teaching people of all ages about music through the use of games, apps and physical electronics. In this hackathon I developed an augemented reality applicaiton using Qualcomm's Vuforia SDK. The application allowed for users to create different tunes by joining together objects that are seen through the visual world of the user's camera. Although the application was not complete it caught the attention of attendees.








AT&T Developer Program: Internet of Things (Hackathon)

  I participated in the AT&T Interent of Things hackathon. This hackathon focused on two different things: Education and internet enabled devices. I and a team of students from different schools great


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.